Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Night Randomness / Week in Review

I'm kind of at a loss for things to say. Last week worked out pretty well as far as content and a pick me up went, but I don't really want this experience to be me recounting events of my life every week. I don't know, something about that just seems like I'm unnecessarily volunteering things about me for the entire Internet to see. So, placing paranoia aside, I'll probably return to that next week. This week, though, I'm going to try and recount the events of last week. A week in review, I guess, primarily because as I sit here, I'm having trouble remembering what I did last week. I'm too young to have such a crappy short term memory.

Let's see.. Last Saturday, or yesterday, I taught the kids' karate class as usual. Pretty good turn out, the usuals were there plus a few extra. This was especially good considering promotions are coming up and it's like now or never to start getting them ready for their next rank. After class ended, though, it occurred to me that I probably won't be there next week to teach class/prepare them for promotions on the following Wednesday as I am planning on going to a tournament that Saturday morning. However, as I sit here, I was thinking I would also miss the promotion ceremony because of school, but I just remembered that next week is Spring Break. So, I guess I'll be there after all.

Speaking of next week, Pokemon Black and White finally come out. Really excited for that and kind of shocked that it fell perfectly on Spring Break. Of course, I'm expecting to be crazy busy next week now. Call it the cynic in me, but I know one of my classes is going to pile on the workload for the break. Either that or I'll try and work ahead on the stuff that I know ahead of time so I won't get buried towards the end of the semester. Anyways....

Last Friday we had that crappy snow weather. I ended up missing the first two classes of the day, which in itself isn't a big deal with email, but this is the second time this semester I have had to use my absences in these classes for weather related purposes. Again, cynical, but I'm expecting to fall incredibly ill at some point and have to miss class, yet be unable to due to my lack of free absences. Just one of those crazy things. Oh, and I think I broke my nose last Friday, too, or at least did some kind of damage to it. I spent like half an hour that night trying to push it back into place; apparently it was really crooked. Long story.

I don't really remember anything else last week. I know there were four other days of classes, three days of work, two days of karate, but I'm blanking on what I did. I guess a week in review is actually two days in review, if that. I may have to start keeping a journal...

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  1. I miss the days when I could pass the hours by hoarding pokemon...its been years since I have logged any serious times on the games, perhaps a throwback is in order. I had no Idea there were any colors left for them to make...