Friday, February 18, 2011

In Between Class Ramblings

So, my COM class let out early for the day and I have a couple of minutes to spare. Why not make a blog post? Problem is, I have no idea what to say really. I guess I'll talk about this week.

Monday I had my second performance for theater class. This one was an impersonation of someone I know, which had me stressed at first but then became easier once I settled on playing my older brother. The character I made of him was perfect because it required no enthusiasm or anything extra; more of the performance was done through body language and tone than anything. I got through the assignment pretty good, I was the first one in the class to go on the first day it was available to be done. Better early than late in this situation.

I dont think the rest of the week was that special apart from Thursday, which was my birthday. I wasn't really expecting anything special, and so I wasnt really disappointed by it. Between work, school, and the karate class I went to afterward, I was freaking tired. I didnt really enjoy much of it because there was way too much going on. In any event, this was the last worthless (sober) birthday I am going to be having for a while, so now that I have that out of the way I guess I feel a little better.

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