Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pokemon Blog 1 aka My Lack of Creativity with a Looming Deadline

SPOILER ALERT: I'm a massive dork. You have been warned.

I don't really have anything compelling to say or any massive, philosophical revelations to convey this time around. This doesn't help my 650 word a week quota get filled, so I'm introducing a back up plan for whenever I need to get some posts out there. So, I'm gonna talk about Pokemon, or rather, a specific one. Last I checked, there were over 650 different ones to choose from, so that is like a seemingly endless supply of filler blog posts. Without further ado, let's get this going.

Today I'm gonna talk about Wobbuffet. Wobbuffet is essentially a blue blob that has two eyes that it never seems to open. It also has a black tail which, ironically, has a pair of open eyes on it. Go figure. It is interesting because it can't really do anything for itself. It cannot attack on its own, it can only counter an opponent's attack, but it does so in a way that deals back twice as much damage as it takes. You don't really need a strategy using Wobbuffet in a battle in the video games, just counter the opponent and if Wobbuffet is strong enough to take the hit, you've pretty much won. Yay for cheapness.

Wobbuffet is also fantastic comic relief, as seen in the Pokemon cartoon. Of the over 600 episodes of the series, a Wobbuffet was a part of the main cast for well over 500. It usually did not do much apart from saying its name and getting hilariously defeated, simply because its owner did not know how to use it properly. For entertainment's sake, I loved seeing it on the show.

While I was writing this I thought of something that would probably be more interesting to read by my classmates, but since I already finished this post, you're just gonna have to wait for that one.

... I may or may not have watched this video about 50 times.

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